Kula 'Aina
Located in the historic and remote district of Ka'u, Kipukamaluhia is
an earth-based, dharma sanctuary to which people come for individual and group retreats throughout the year.

"Dharma" in its broadest sense means Nature and thus signifies 'the
way things are.' At Kipukamaluhia, we refer to "the living dharma"
which is not limited to any specific practice, religion, scripture or
spiritual trapping of any kind. The traditional Hawaiian way of life has
a great emphasis on direct experience which is in alignment with our
deepest values and aspirations as it points to the essence of reality.
    "What is The Living Dharma? The 'Dharma' generally refers to the teachings of
Buddhism, the essence of which is the impermanent and interdependent nature of
all life. But "Dharma" also refers to the everyday experiences of our lives that make
these teachings come alive. That's why we say the Dharma is "living." Ultimately,
The Living Dharma is about the compassion that naturally arises in us when we
reflect deeply on what it means to be a human being." -M.H.
This ancient garden,
Emptiness and form.
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